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Looking Into A Mirror Drabbles for open_on_sunday 01/08/06 - #1-3

Thanks to the mega-encouragement of my sweet girl, cafe_willa (not to mention a foot firmly planted in my backside) I offer a threesome of drabbles.

Challenge #146

This week's drabble topic is... Looking Into a Mirror

Cross posted to open_on_sunday and my regular journal.

BtVS – Pre-Series – William

1. Reflections

It wasn’t much of a thing, William thought, staring into the mirror. A piece of glass, a slap of paint… And yet…

He remembered the mirror in his old bedroom. He’d primped, brushed, and straightened until he looked perfectly presentable. However, in the face of his peers, he was nothing. They looked right through him.

Drusilla changed that with her deadly kiss. Now he was something to be feared in the night. Deadly and powerful, never to be ignored again. And yet…

His old mirror had lied. This one showed him exactly who stood before it. No one at all.

BtVS – Season 6 Seeing Red – Spike

2. Monster

He’d gone to see Buffy to apologize. Even though she’d forced him to move on from their… whatever, she’d been hurt – seeing his tryst with Anya. To try and do as she’d asked. As he always does.
As he always did. As he always will.

What had gone wrong? He’d gotten his back up at her attitude. He needed to get the words out. She wanted him silent. Same old dance whenever he insisted on anything.

Her distraught face was mirror enough for him. He was a monster, as he’d told her years ago. And that without the demon’s assistance.

BtVS – Post NFA Future Fic – Spike/Buffy

3. In His Eyes

Buffy had never known a love like this. All encompassing; blinding her to anyone and everything who wasn’t him. He wasn’t up to her usual standards. For one thing, he was way shorter – not to mention, a little bald, but on him it looked good.

He was routine in his attentions, happiest with a morning suckle at her breasts. Who was she to deny him anything? His bliss filled expression was like manna to a starving woman.

They cuddled together in front of the bedroom mirror. “See, Spike? We’ve found your reflection, after all – in the eyes of our son.”
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