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New Beginnings Drabble for open_on_sunday 01-02-06 #1

**ulps** It's been a forever age since I've drabbled at all - just one, but perhaps it'll mark a new beginning for me, as well.

Challenge #145

This week's challenge is... New Beginnings

BtVS Post Chosen - AtS Conviction: Spike

Born Again

Spike remembers his laughter at the end; it still echoes in his ears. And the incredible heat that turned him to ashes. Instead of remaining scattered to the winds, however, he finds himself with a familiar audience of one.

“Thank you for protecting my daughters, Spike.” Joyce gathers the bewildered vampire in her arms and hugs him with all the fondness he’s ever craved. “I’m sorry you can’t stay, but it’s time for you to start anew.”

A gentle kiss to his cheek and he comes undone, cell by cell. He’s reborn in pain and heat to another familiar audience.
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