January 6th, 2020

For Puppies and Christmas

A Slightly Late Ficlet (from 2004) - For Puppies and Christmas

Of course I meant to post this ficlet in time for Christmas, but real life interfered.
My poor kitty, Minx, is drastically ill, so needs all of my attention. Medication
schedules rule my days now.

Anyway... waaaay back in 2004, this was supposed to be a gifty for spikesbint.
I have no clue if she's still active on LJ, but I finally finished this little piece of
all-human fluff. Hope someone enjoys it.

Summary: William Pratt is a veterinarian opening his new practice in the States, and Buffy Anne Summers is the woman he hires as his assistant. He’s a quiet, meticulous man - particular in the way he runs his clinic, and Buffy brings a certain breath of fresh air into his office, and into his life.
(parameters of the fic will be posted after the final chapter).

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