October 14th, 2019

The Devil's Gift

Brand New Fic - The Devil's Gift

Happy Monday to you all. I have the first chapter of a Buffy/Lucifer crossover for
your perusal. It's sort of gen, though aiming towards pre-Spuffy.

Summary: What if… when Lucifer created a tear in the world to send his mother off to create her own universe, Buffy Summers popped into existence, fresh from her swan dive off the tower in Season 5?

The idea for this story came about in a discussion with liliaeth quite a few years ago. She and I wrote about half of this story together, until other projects led her on a separate path. The rest of the story is mine, alone.

Please note that Spike will actually appear only in the final chapter, though he will be referenced often in the preceding chapters. Consider this fic more laying the groundwork for Spuffy, as opposed to blatant Spuffy content.

The banner is once more a creation of the uber-talented Twinkles, who, as part of my delightful triad of Betas including Stalwartsandall and micrindle23, make my work much better than it was.


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