September 13th, 2019

Enemy, Mine

New Fic!!! And on Friday the 13th, Too!!

Hey there, everyone! Hope this Friday the 13th finds you all well and in top form.

This fic is in response to a challenge over at Elysian Fields, by
Kittenshift17. One of the rare times I've attempted to follow someone else's muse. Her original title was Shattered,
but she gave her permission to rename it something else, so I did.

As usual, this fic has been betaed by the delightful triad of Twinkles, micrindle23,
and Stalwartsandall, all located at Elysian Fields.

Banner by the uber-talented Twinkles

Summary: Buffy shows up on Spike's doorstep one night. She's shivering, bleeding, and scared. There's a dazed look in her eyes - she looks drugged. She looks like she's been through hell. (full challenge will be revealed at the end of the story) AU set just after Something Blue

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