May 20th, 2019

Pieces of Me

A Brand New Fic!

About six years ago, I had an idea for this fic, and roughly wrote out the first chapter.
It was never shared, anywhere. Nothing else came of it until recently. Definitely a work
in progress, I have nine chapters written with no idea of how many more are to come.

I'll post one chapter per week, unless my impatience gets the better of me, as usual.
Hope you enjoy my latest offering!

Summary: In a bid to create the perfect Super-Soldier, what if the Initiative went a little bit further than what was common knowledge?

Warning - if you like Riley Finn, this fic is most likely not for you.


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This fic was beta-read by my dear stalwartsandall and fabulously talented banner artist Twinkles. Any remaining gaffes are due to my post-beta fiddling.