April 22nd, 2019

Beloved Spuffy

And Lo, We Have Come to the End of Days - Beloved's Final Chapter

Here we are folks - definitely the end of an era. What started out as a simple ten chapter outline,
wherein Angel would be a petty dick and Spike would Shanshu and eventually end up with Buffy, ended
up being an eighty-four chapter behemoth, where Angel redeemed his petty nature and became Spike's
strongest protector - in a manner of speaking.

This all began on October 30th, 2005 - and fourteen years later it is finally completely finished.
liliaeth and I created this tale together. It wouldn't have happened without her, and even
though she bowed out well before the end I offer my kudos and gratefulness for all her hard work.

No more putting it off - here we go! One last bit of thanks goes to Twinkles for the
wonderful banner atop the chapter, and for all her hard beta work in taming this monster.

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I hope those of you who are still with me enjoyed the ride, if not the wait between chapter when the writer's block hit. Please let me know what you thought. I'm hoping you found satisfaction in the tale.
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