August 12th, 2011

Beloved Seventeen

Update Beloved - Interlude 34/35B

About bloody time LJ is back and running somewhat normally and my internet connection seems stable for the moment (pu pu pu). We offer you the next little bit of Beloved for your enjoyment..

Green Alert

This chapter takes place immediately after the previous chapter. Will has graduated from High School, leaving Nina feeling somewhat at odds.

Please, as always, read and comment! Buffy!Muse seems to be happy and healthy and well on her way towards the end of the story. I’d like to keep her satisfied.

Feedback is always welcomed.

Goddess bless Willa, my first and foremost mentor, gillo, for situating herself in the back of my mind when writing, celesteavonne for the steady boosting of my morale, and just_sue just because.

To read Beloved from the beginning, go to my Live Journal Here or to simply_beloved: chapter 1.

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