May 1st, 2011

What Dreams May Bring

NEW CHAPTER - What Dreams May Bring - Chapter 24A - The Grand Finale

This is it, you guys! After four years of dithering around like a fool without a head, What Dreams May Bring is finally finished. I bring you Chapter Twenty Four and we end on a high note. Hope you enjoy and anyone afraid to read a WIP... this is no longer such an animal. I can't thank my betas enough, but I have to try. It's so good to have gillo back on board for the final chapter. She really whipped me into shape with this chapter. I really missed her guidance and attention to detail. celesteavonne is a delightful cheerleader, and a wonderful second pair of eyes. Old eagle-eye managed to snag some boo boos I missed, and if you see any, they're my fault, not hers. Big squishy hugs to my Willa who's been rooting for me since before I started writing, and last but not least, my thoughts are always with just_sue. I miss her encouragement, and hope to hear from her soon.

The rabbi’s portion of the ceremony comes from here, and Bobby and Willa’s vows come from here.

Apparently I have to post this in two sections, as it's too large for a single post. C'est la vie!

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