March 27th, 2011


America's Newest Ice Princess

My delightful granddaughter, who is nearing her seventh birthday, just won her first figure skating competition.

Behind the cut are a couple of piccies should you care to see the gorgeousness that is she.

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Makes a grandma proud as can be.
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What Dreams May Bring

NEW CHAPTER - What Dreams May Bring - Chapter 22 - New Additions

We're rapidly nearing the end of What Dreams May Bring. After this chapter, I believe there are only two more yet to come. It's been quite a tale, to be sure. Here, in Chapter Twenty Two, Willa is now twenty one years old, and Will, Tara and Tyler are sixteen. The teens hit quite a bump in the road of life. Big, squishy hugs to celesteavonne for her usual nit-picking beta work, and extra hugs to just_sue and gillo just because. Last but not least, shout outs to my Willa for sharing and hand holding all along the way.

Banner made by banner_grab

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