April 11th, 2008

Beloved Stage 6

Update Beloved - Chapter 29 - Where There's A Will...

**Gasps** Only one week since we posted the previous chapter, and liliaeth and I have yet another new (albeit smallish) chapter for your reading pleasure. It was heartwarming to see such wonderful comments – now… tell all your friends! Please follow the Warning Alert System.

2015 – Late January

Green Alert
This follows right on the heels of the previous chapter. Mama goes to reclaim her missing cub. And remember that telling thing? *grins*

Please, as always, read and comment! Buffy!Muse seems to be sticking around for a bit – so we’re taking full advantage.

Feedback is always welcomed.

Goddess bless willa_writes - my first and foremost mentor, gillo, who proves that a little time off doesn’t dull a sharp mind, and just_sue, who believes in me, especially when I don’t.

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