June 12th, 2007

Beloved Stage 6

Update Beloved - Chapter 27 - Little Boy Lost

**liliaeth and I raise Beloved’s banner in the air and wave it about, wildly** Huzzah! Huzzah! The next chapter is finally a reality, and we’ve moved forward two whole weeks since Will’s homecoming. Please follow the Warning Alert System.

2014 – Early December

Green Alert Plus
Our boy is home, but things aren’t all blood and peaches. Angel and Nina get pointed in the right direction thanks to an old acquaintance. Will gets a tad frustrated and takes it out on himself (blood, but not overly graphic). More help is on the way.

Please, as always, read and comment! Buffy!Muse seems to have rallied enough to help us work through this chapter, and shows signs of continuing onward. She can use all the encouragement you’d care to throw her way.

Feedback is always welcomed.

Goddess bless willa_writes - my first and foremost mentor, gillo, who has a marvelous sense of what to cut away and what to shine, and just_sue, for making sure I don’t get mired in the pit of despair when Buffy!Muse goes AWOL.

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