March 20th, 2007

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Joy to the World

Depression is an insidious thief. First it takes your happiness, later it takes friends and family from your life as you withdraw further into yourself. Maybe you all remember the hell I've been going through for the past handful of years. I've pushed away next to everyone in real life that I used to interact with, resulting in one lonely, little me.

Well, it's somewhat under control now, thanks to lovely Lexipro, and I've been trying to reach out more. My niece, Rebecca (dickwad's brother's daughter), who turned 24 yesterday, got married last Sunday. It nearly broke my heart not to see her and be there for her, but circumstances are what they are. However... I asked my kids to pass on my love and hope (and email address) and sure enough... I got an answer back and some lovely pics that I just have to share!!

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The sheer bliss of knowing she wants me back in her life again makes me giddy. I'd quite forgotten what real happiness was. This is sooo cool!! *grins*
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