December 7th, 2006

I Love My Friends

For Thy Merriment

I have once more been blessed with sound on my computer. The argument from my elder that the woofer would draw too much power from our c*cked-up wiring was blown to hell when the circuits blew last week, and the only room with power was MINE!! **insane cackle of the truly vindicated**

So wherefore did I wander? Youtube, of course. For anyone who enjoyed Moonlighting... here's a bit of Shakespearean parody:

Ya know? I miss the hell out of this show. They had class. Mostly lower, but then... that's where I live.
Kitty Weird

More Moonlighting!

I haven't seen this clip since it first aired. Never thought to just type in a few simple words in the search box at youtube. Until tonight! I have gone mad. Mad, I tell you. So much for writing, or washing dishes... or even going to bed at a reasonable hour. I sit and search... and then I share:

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How Much Is A Mother Worth These Days?

As most of you know, I am a galloping chicken, and a major procrastinator when it comes to taking care of myself. I know I need to see a doctor (many), a dentist, an opthalmologist, etc., etc., etc... but have put it off forever for lots of reasons, not the least of which is money. So, today I swallowed my pride and decided to go to the city hospital's emergency room as a walk in... and I asked my younger to go with me next week as I am too scared to go alone.

He's got a day off of work on Mondays, and the hospital is less than a ten dollar cab ride, which I would pay for with what I've got left. Guess what he told me? Go on... guess.

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I love my child. Really I do. Someone remind me why?

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