July 4th, 2006

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Update Beloved - Chapter 21 - Murder and Mayhem

And so it’s begun. liliaeth and I offer the next chapter of Beloved for your perusal. This takes place immediately following the last chapter. Please follow the Warning Alert System.

2014 - November
William is ten and a half years old.

Prozac Alert
Seriously – there be death here – sort of messy and graphic and most unpleasant. Looks like Will’s happy times have come to an abrupt end. An old character resurfaces.

Please, as always, read and comment! The muse has been leaving her brownie crumbs everywhere and has made us promise to keep the prozac bowl filled. Doesn’t promise to be any joy in Mudville for the next couple of chapters. Feedback is always welcomed.

Goddess bless willa_writes - my gal on the move and beta-supreme, and gillo, this time for her now green Word bubbles of doom and nit-picky magic, and just_sue, for making me laugh and helping to keep things on track.

To read Beloved from the beginning, go Here.

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