November 23rd, 2005

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Update Beloved - Chapter 4 - Breathing Space

ETA: Changed chapter title.

I give early thanks to the muse for providing the next chapter in Beloved's saga. liliaeth and I offer the further adventures of little William and his entourage. Please read and review - comments build strong bodies twelve ways. **grins**

To read Beloved from the beginning, go Here.

Full-sized banner by liliaeth beneath the cut.

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Spuffy Comic Kiss

Happy Thanksgiving While I Remember!

Wishing everyone on my friends list the warmest and happiest of Thanksgivings possible.

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Pretty graphic by sunflwgal

A Few Things I Am Grateful For This Year:

To be back in New York.

To have seen my children.

My health, such as it is. It could always be worse.

My cats' health. They're now 13 years old.

Did I mention being back in New York? Just making sure.

The help of my family to get me back to New York.

The apparent return of my little muse. Ah, she was so missed.

All of YOU!!

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