August 15th, 2005

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Just A Quickie From AOHELL Dialup Connection...

A quick peek in to say for one of the more jarring moves of my life, it went rather smoothly. The movers were on time, sweet, and extremely efficient. My brother was a dear and the ride home was nearly carefree (valium helped, but we don't have to talk about that). My kitties survived their own drugged state nicely, and are finally moving about the apartment, which is a studio plus sort of thing. Bigger than I expected, with fixtures from the year of the flood. You know - the one Noah took part in?

The general conclusion is, I have too much shit in boxes. The little apartment is stacked like COSTCO on inventory day. And the only think that I'm sure is working is my computer. A gal has to have her priorities straight, yes?

Oh! And the bestest news is... I've already had my Jew Food Fix. A bialy and creamcheese, and Chinese buffet for dinner. Bless New York!!! And the Yankees swept Texas!!!

In case you hadn't guessed = the gist of all this is that I survived the move, and can't wait to be back online in a more constant fashion. Off now to stare at my boxes and figure out where my silverware is.

Love you all! Talk to me. I need to hear some friendly voices. **grins**
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Spuffy Comic Kiss

Skip 670!!!

Holy Hannah, guys! I go and move from one state to another, unable to get online for a measly three days, and you all go freaking postal.

See me grinning from ear to ear - have my Cablevision all set up, the air conditioner on, television in the background and some strange forms of cardboard growth all around me. If I ignore them, perhaps they'll go away?

Lookit! Two posts in one day. **does the happy dance of the reconnected**
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