March 7th, 2005

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FanFic Author Appreciation Week - Day 2

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One delicious author a day isn't going to cut it - so I'll do pairings, instead. And since this is what drew me into Buffy fanfiction, I'll start with Spuffy.

eurydice72 tells the most enticing yarns, both canon based and AU, and has the most delicious OC ever (Gino) in Rhapsody in Oil and I remember waiting very impatiently for each new chapter of The Hunt and Charms of the Clarion.

kantayra blew me away with Double Spiked and Dream Girls. And Worth a Thousand Words left me bawling like a baby.

jypzrose hooked me with the heartbreaking, heartwrenching Return to Me. I can't get her imagery out of my mind.

kallysten is one of two inspirations when it comes to babyfic. Her Baby Steps takes its sweet time and develops a remarkable connection between Spike, Buffy and Dawn.

My other muse is zarrah04 with the delicious Little Buffy. Between these two ladies, they gave me the courage to try my own babyfic, and I only hope I've done them both proud.

herself_nyc rocks with her Bittersweets series. She has a unique take on William/Spike, in my opinion, and she keeps everyone consistant... such a difficult feat to accomplish.

They are amongst my earliest loves, and most well known authors. They each have a wonderful style and take on my favorite bottled blonds and best of all, they love the characters. I'll probably post some newer favorites after my fingers recover.

**hugs to you all**
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