September 30th, 2004

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Fic Recs

I've been a selfish little fic reader/writer for long enough. Time to start reccing my favorite fics/authors once again.

This post's recs are Spike/Buffy (mostly):

I'll start with Heaven's Key (wip), sequel to Fallen Demon, which is the sequel to the fic that spawned the series... Bloody Soul.

Written by the delicious </a></b></a>kallysten, a woman I don't tell often enough how much her work moves me. The delightful retelling of canon, Season 5, shows her obvious love for Joss' creations in a totally conceivable way. PG-13 through NC-17. Go read - ten thumbs up!!!!


</a></b></a>kallayra, a delightful amalgam of </a></b></a>kallysten and </a></b></a>kantayra, are co-writing Tabula Rasa Ad Aeternum (wip), which asks the question: "What if they didn't get their memories back right away?" Both wonderful and heartbreaking. NC-17


</a></b></a>kantayra's own The Crimson Codex, now up to Book 4.

In her own words: "The Crimson Codex - What if Spike had won his battle with Buffy in 'School Hard'? A newly arisen Slayer ventures into a world of blood, sex, death, and perhaps A vampire epic. B/S, B/S/Dru, S/Dru, B/Dru. *WIP, begun November 2003* NC17"


Last but certainly not least for this post is the exceptionally talented </a></b></a>eurydice72.

Her recently completed Legions of True Hearts is a fabulous William/Buffy story not to be missed. Hopefully a sequel is still in the works, but it stands completely on it's own. NC-17

The current WIP is Promise of Frost, NC-17 eventually. Set mid season 4, it's a snarky, clever read.

In fact, anything by </a></b></a>eurydice72 is a worthwhile read... check out her site: Love's Last Glimpse.

Read, appreciate, and praise.

More recs to follow... eventually. So sayeth </a></b></a>spikes_heart!

Sorry if the little gidgits are being overused... I'll get over it, one of these days. **grins**
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