September 29th, 2004

Spuffy Comic Kiss

New Chapter Of The Body - To Walk A Crooked Mile

Got a live one for you folks - the latest and greatest The Body chapter - To Walk A Crooked Mile. It seems a month has passed since we last saw our fearless bottled blonds.

You can find it from the beginning Here.

Collapse )

Beta'd by the increasingly less coddly and more teachery </a></b></a>willa_writes, towards whom I could never be grateful enough. **Mwah**
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    Game two of the Yankees doubleheader!
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Spuffy Comic Kiss

I'm A Happy Little Yankees Fan!

Just so freaking chipper over the double header win over the Minnesota Twins today. First game 5-3, second game 5-4

Something had to lift our sagging spirits after losing the last two games to... THEM! shhhh... Boston.

Nothing else. Just happy for my boys in pinstripes. Magic number is down to 1 to clinch their division. Yay!!
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