September 26th, 2004

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah - Hear Me Whine

I know, I know. I've been avoiding writing it down at all, I'm so unhappy about it. My poor Yankees. Losing two games in a row to... Boston. Feh!

If someone really wants to cheer me up, they can make me pretty banners for my fics, or icons for those that don't have them yet. **bats eyes prettily** I swear to all the fic gods that I'm gonna have an active site sometime this year... and I would love something pretty for each little fic.

All Roads Lead to Rome

Crazy Eights

Hell Is In the Details

Innocence Found and it's sequel, Reclamation

The Body, which is up for a Kick-Ass Reader's Fic award. Please vote for me??

What Dreams May Bring.

And if nobody feels like making me pretty artwork... then can I just plead with you to read if you haven't already?

Oh, and my latest little creation: A Game of Chance.

Today's checklist:

* Whine about losing baseball game. - Done

* Whine about poor, unread fic. - Done

* Beg for pretty graphics for poor unread fic. - Done

* Procrastinate on writing the next The Body chapter - Done (only 890 words in 11 hours)

I guess I'm pretty accomplished for the day - my work here is done! **grins**
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