July 4th, 2004

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Hey All!

I've been such a lousy LJ participant this past month. Before I could turn around, the whole month passed me by, with very few posts. And I'm here... sitting around reading about everyone else's life.

Oh, and writing... albeit very S*L*O*W*L*Y, the latest chapter of Innocence Found, sitting at 2150 someodd words at the moment - hoping to have it complete by tomorrow.

And did I mention that I love my Yankees? Still sadly clinging to the priceless sweep of Boston last weekend, in the face of being swept by the Mets **ugh** this weekend. For some reason, July 4th games never end well for us. It was a helluva series, though - just ended up on the wrong side of things. **pouts**

I really need to do an "I adore you" rec post soon. It's been months since I have... and I love you all.

Miss doing the drabbles lately... just not overly inspired. I'll keep hoping something will hit me, and soon! In the mean time, reading you all, even if I've been really, really lax in commenting. Will try and do better.

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