May 10th, 2004

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Punishment Drabbles For open_on_sunday 05/07/04 - #7-9

This weeks challenge: Punishment
Take it however you like. Could be from not watching TV to someone being 'bad' ;)

This is the last of my Drabble posts for this week's challenge, I promise. Time to go back to Hell and wrap it all up nice and... well, finish it, anyway. **grins**

Hope you've enjoyed this week's NINE - count 'em - NINE efforts. You can thank willa_writes for being the inspiration behind them all.

AtS – Season 3 - Lorne

Collapse )

AtS – Season 5 – Post A Hole In The World - Wes

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AtS – Season 7 – Underneath – Angel/Lindsey

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