May 5th, 2004

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!!

A few lovely prezzies, helping to drag me out of my misery!

A lovely "fuck it all world" icon from the delightful nihilistbear

A sweet, schmoopy Spike/Angel ficlet from wherethewind__: Thanks

Beneath an Italian Moon - Chapter 3 by evenstar_estel

willa_writes's Secret's and Lies.

OOOOOH!! And the Yankees won their seventh straight game (the one I turned off when they were losing 6-0 but turned on when they were winning 9-8) by a score of 10-8!!!

And Hell Is In the Details is moving again. All it took was deleting the forced paragraph and beginning it again... 3385 words and counting!

**smooches** to you all for the kind thoughts.
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Spuffy Comic Kiss

Oh My God!!!!

I just got the most glorious prezzie. My heart is just brimming, as are my eyes. The sweetest, most delightful gesture ever from willa_writes:

She sent me roses for Mama's Day. Pretty, pretty roses - a dozen of the most glorious roses I have ever seen. Found a better piccie - closer to the gorgeousness on my counter.

Go kiss that woman!!!! She's a sweet, caring human being.
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Spuffy Comic Kiss

The Pretty Bar Of James

James Marsters is Love

Just mentioning I envy you all getting to watch Angel at 9 pm. At least, those of you who get to watch Angel at 9 pm. They're showing the Yankees at 10pm - West coast game... and then Smallville and Angel to follow. **sighs** I suppose I should just shut up and be grateful I'll get to watch it today/tomorrow at all. I'll have to make myself insane reading all your reviews on LJ until then. **grins**

And did I mention all those lovely pink and yellow roses that make my home smell divine? You know... the ones from willa_writes? 'Cause if I didn't... I'll mention them now. Pretty roses.

Oh well, at least I can wish for the fastest Yankee game on record. Right?
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Spuffy Comic Kiss

Did I Ever Mention That I Was A Blooming Idiot?

No? Well, let me mention it now.


And very glad I noted it before it was too late. Usually FOX broadcasts Yankee games when they're on the West coast... thereby delaying Smallville and Angel until some ungodly hour like 3 or so in the morning. I knew there was a West coast game on, and made the fatal assumption it was on FOX.

Did I bother looking at the guide? Hell, no. That would have been the smart thing. It's on MLB Extra channels tonite - which means I get Angel at the wonderfully early hour of 11:00pm, and I will never bitch it's late again (until next week, shhhh!).

Some times it just pays to admit you've been an idjit and enjoy the fruits of your idiocy, many hours earlier. **grins**
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