May 4th, 2004

Spuffy Comic Kiss


Anyone who's bothered to speak with me today knows I feel like absolute merde. I've got abandonment issues, money issues, health issues, lawyer issues, still not ex-husband issues... and the grand issue of knowing I'm gonna be ignored by my sons and daughters by choice (except you know who, willa_writes) this coming Mother's Day.

To top it off, I'm sitting 3200 words into chapter 18 of Hell Is In the Details (me who usually tops out at 1750 words per chapter)... and can't string two words together that make sense, and it's further depressing the hell out of me.

So I'm askin' all you lovely people out there... if anyone wants to cheer me up some - write me a shmoopy ficlet, make me a pretty icon - anything Spike-centric and tell me I matter to you.

I, in turn, will appreciate you like nobody else.

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