April 24th, 2004

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Multi Purpose Update:

I am in love with sickchicks and all the lovely people writing dirty, perverted and oh so wrong fic. Bless you!

I HATE!!!! the Boston Red Socks... and not overly happy with my Yankees.

I promise to do a real loving rec post soon... so many people are derserving of praise when I get my head out of Hell for a hot moment.

Bit of medical advice - if you have a varicose vein on your thigh, and you scratch it... you're as stupid as I am. Just came back from the hospital after painting both my rug and half the kitchen linoleum like Jackson Pollack. Bloody thing closed out before the ambulence came... but - that was my merry adventure for the day. Can I be bored now? Please???

Now I will try to stop crying like a sissy Mary and finish work on chapter 14. It helps to have something to concentrate on. Forgive the tearstains.

Love you all!
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