March 19th, 2004

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Morning All!

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Did I mention that it's snowing again today? Hmmm? For the umpteenth day in a row now, I believe. True, it's piddly showers, and won't amount to a hill of beans, but man, it's the freaking principle of it all. Snow! Again! Damn!

And as for last night's post, about the bad!words!in!fic? **snickers** I just found it all funny. As we all know, moderation is the key to everything. Yuh huh. Off to write the rest of my Disney smut.

Stop in and say hello - feeling real friendly at the moment. Hope all's well where you are.
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Spuffy Comic Kiss

Bloody Marvelous

I just finished reading the latest chapter of eliade's epic, Buffy, Season Noir

It's an engrossing and unique take on the Buffyverse that I can't even begin to summarize properly, and the pairing is S/B, which is integral, but not the focal point of the piece.

Run, don't walk and read a most fantabulous story and give the woman the accolades she's earned.
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