March 16th, 2004

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New Ficlet - The Cave - Memories of S/Aus, S/B

Just another toe in the water in regards to the slash pool. One day I'm gonna dunk the whole body in. Hope it pleases.

Title: The Cave
Author: Spike’s Heart
Pairing: Memories - Spike/Angelus, Spike/Buffy
Rating: R to be safe.
Setting: BtVS Season 6 - Grave
Disclaimer: If they were mine, I’d treat them nicer than Joss ever did.
Feedback: Yes, please!
Archive: Ask me, nicely.
Warning: Little bit of m/m vampire slash. Teensy almost PG-ish in nature. Just call me Disney. **grins**
A/N: It’s my therapy session, my issues.
Beta’d by: [Bad username: willshenillshe], who made it smooth, and talked me out of junking this entirely when it was stuck at 223 words for a day and a half.
Summary: Spike regains consciousness in Lurky’s cave, post-souling.

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Enjoy! I hope.
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