March 9th, 2004

Spuffy Comic Kiss

It Just Figures

No matter how much I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, men will screw you and hurt you and leave you raw and bleeding as they step over you. Husbands & sons.

I should have known better, honestly. I am old enough to have been here before, and done this before and I should have known the results as the words left my son's mouth. He called me up to tell me he wanted to spend his 25th birthday with me. He missed me, hasn't seen me in almost 2 years, and was taking time off so he could come up and just spend some quality Mother/Son time.

I should have listened to my cynical heart, and said, 'yeah, right... like that's ever gonna happen.' Instead, I listened with my mother's heart and had a moment of hope. I will never, never, never, ever learn, will I?

The bastard child called me up and said he can't come... he had to replace his computer and it was a necessary expense, so now he doesn't have the money to come up to see me. And he's sorry.

I'll say he's sorry - he and his brother are sorry excuses for sons, and I can't handle this anymore. I wish I didn't love them. I wish I didn't miss them. I wish just once someone would keep their word to me.

I wish!

/hysterical rant against the male of the species for the moment. Sure to have a followup.

Quick back - shithead now owes me $7,000 that I will more than likely never, ever see a cent of.

/rant again

**leaves now to find medication**
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