February 10th, 2004

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What's Up Today?

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Your Spike quote: by norwegianne
Hope for the future:
Spike says:I'm not about to let any of those buggers lay so much as a warty digit on you.
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And can I say I am totally in love with bettina256, whose prezzie I will be sharing with you all soon. And xmirax for more marvelous icons and making me laugh. And last but not least willa_writes just 'cause!

Question of the day: Why didn't any of you tell me that not only is writing as addictive as all get out, but very, very frustrating? **whines**
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Spuffy Comic Kiss

Silly Things

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The Buffy Fen Kerfuffle Generator by miggy
Your Name
Offended PartyRPS opponents
What Sparked ItIt's Monday and people don't want to work
Number of Posts Made244
ResultSlash writers are labeled arrogant
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Hey, tgray! Still more time to celebrate your birthday. Hope it was good for you
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