February 9th, 2004

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Must, Must, Must...

say thanks to my sweet baby tgray, for being my friend and for pimping my newly discovered attempts at storytelling at wisteria_'s pimpathon!

That's just about the dearest thing anyone's done for me, and now I'm all **sniffly** and stuff. Thank you, baby!

Also, to willa_writes, many thanks for taking the occasional time out from your sonnetizing to point people at me, as well.

Gods, I feel like such the beloved little whore!
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Spuffy Comic Kiss

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Lifted from dragonflymuse

Your Perfect Angel Episode by miggy
Your Name
Angelloses the Shanshu forever
Wesleyfinds a way to bring back Lilah
Spikepulls off the kind of neat fighting moves they didn't do on BtVS
Gunngoes over to the dark side. Way over.
Fredkisses Angel
Harmonyaccidentally gets souled
Lornetosses off bon mots left and right
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

Don't know whether or not I'll try to do the ficlet thingie, but... it's a thought.
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