February 5th, 2004

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Lifted from songstress_magz and kantayra

Your Perfect Angel Episode by miggy
Your Name
Angellooks very pretty
Wesleyfinds a way to bring back Lilah
Spikelooks very pretty
Gunngoes over to the dark side. Way over.
Fredkisses Spike
Harmonynotices a clue everyone else overlooked
Lornesnaps and goes completely fucking insane
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

Yes, the boys are pretty!
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Spuffy Comic Kiss

Drabble For You - Once Destiny Passes

ETA: Thanks to the beta skills of the wonderful sangpassione, Once Destiny Passes is 'New and Improved.' Thank you, sweetie, for all your encouragement and effort.

Just 500 some odd words based on last night's episode, "You're Welcome." Spoilers for the episode, of course.. and just some speculation on the future.

Collapse )

Hope you like.
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Spuffy Comic Kiss

Icon Heaven!!!!!

Just look at the beauty that the wonderful xmirax made just for me!!!!

I know I'm in love! Many, many heartfelt **smooches** luv! Now to get 'em in my user pics. What to throw out, that is the question. Hmmm, ya think LJ will give us more than 50 spaces? If we begged a whole lot?
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