January 26th, 2004

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Jiminy Crickets!

Yesterday was a banner day for fic updates, wasn't it! By the time I went to bed in the weeeee hours of the morning, I was too exhausted to comment, but will try to remedy the sitch now (praying the last two working brain cells will remember everyone).

Wheeeee! needfire posted chapter 6 of Prophet. It seems we helped to bring her muse out to play. Go, us! SPIKE!!

Then... wherethewind__ brought chapter 7 of Hard Time to the party, as well as a detailed Spike/Wes Interlude. S/A

Adding to my delight, the lovely kantayra presented chapter 10 of The Crimson Codex. S/D, S/B and a whole lot more.

Awash in pleasure, sailorlum managed to post a snippet of Stanza 7 from her yummy Slayer and the Poet. Can't wait for the full, randy stanza. Wm/B

Something new amongst the updates, evenstar_estel posted a little ode to David Bowie that made me grin. S/D, S/B

What else, what else... YES! The elusive xionin posted chapter 12 of How Many Days, sequel to Don't Stop the Dance. B/S

Collapse )

Never forgetting, willa_writes posted Sonnet #27 - Imaginary, Wes/Angel.

There is also whenbuffysmiles's latest chapter of Menage A Trois. B/S/A

Last, but definitely not least, there is the marvelous second chapter to eurydice72's Promise of Frost. B/S

All of you have made me a happier camper, for sure! I bow down to you all. **smooches**
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