January 17th, 2004

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Howdy All!

It's a miracle! Stop the clocks... and mark it down in your journals. I actually stepped away from my computer at 9 am, closed it down, and went OUTSIDE! Didn't turn it back on until 8 pm.

It was a bright, tropical morning... 17 degrees ABOVE zero, sun shining, cloudless blue skies... perfect! So what did my bestest friend Jeanne and I do? We hopped in the car, went to Burlington, Vermont for some shopping at Old Navy and Petco... then hauled ass to Colchester to that bastion of overconsumption that is COSTCO! Woo Hoo! Actually had the greatest day in weeks. Good weather, good company and spending merry bushels of cash I really don't have, but needed the stuff anyway.

Yes... you heard me. I NEEDED the Pirates of the Caribbean. Haven't seen it yet, and am looking forward to it. And, I also NEEDED that lovely tin of butter cookies. Only 5 teensy, tiny pounds of buttery goodness. However, I know that I won't have to buy another garbage bag for the next two years.

Also... want to test out my new account at Photobucket... to see if I can actually get piccies in my posts. Collapse )
So - it finally happened. Andrea had a good day. And I'm sharing it with y'all. Hope it happens again. I like this feeling.
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