December 30th, 2003

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What Makes Me Weep...

The local PBS station here in Vermont was broadcasting a program called Sing! that dealt with children's choirs. There is something special about voices raised in song. A full adult choir or chorale performance has tears streaming down my face at the first hint of harmony... but give me a children's choir? I'm sobbing like a ninny by the second note. The sheer beauty and power of vocal music hits me on a cellular level.

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Shit - started this just wanting to brag about my kid, and music and tears... and seems not all the tears are happy ones. Who knew it was still bothering me?

Anyway - music intense, my reactions involuntarily wet. Tears, people... just tears. Oh, and I can't even get through the lyrics of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" without drowning. Especially when sung by Judy Garland.

Lifted from dragonflymuse I believe:
You are No Future Emily!! You don't really like to do anything... or have much responsibilities, you are curious about the occult.
No Future Emily

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And god bless tgray, and psubrat, and eurydice72, and deannaz, and nimuetucker, and kallysten, and jypzrose, and kantayra and everyone else I know.

Just some things I think about at almost 2 am.
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