December 11th, 2003

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It's A Dreary, Grey Day...

But it's a hell of a lot better than snowing again. Temp's all the way up to 44 degrees! Not shabby for Vermont in mid-December,

Gacked from psubrat, and I hope she's feeling better today.

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Have lots of things I really need to accomplish today... not the least of which is getting my holiday cards out of the closet so I can actually work on them for THIS year.

Oh yeah, and I am really, really depressed about Andy Pettitte going to the Houston Astros **pouts** after being with the Yankees for NINE years. Bye, Andy... I'll miss you. **sobs**
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Spuffy Comic Kiss

Quiz Mode, I Suppose

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As usual, I've been reading some lovely fiction. The stories that have caught my fancy at the moment are:

Of the Buffy/Spike variety:
poshcat's Just Another Saturday Night In Sunnydale
brandil's The Witch, The Warrior and The Vampire
spikealicious's One Ordinary Day and the sequel, One Extraordinary Life/Two Extraordinary Lives

Of the Angel/Spike variety:
wherethewind__'s Hard Time
sangpassionne's Queen's Gambit and the sequel, Demon's Aria

Of the Spike/Xander variety:
Lazuli's Repossession

There are plenty of other stories I am passionately in love with... and will be posted in another entry. In the mean time... if you're looking for a good read, you've now got quite a choice ahead of you. Read one, read 'em all.
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