December 7th, 2003

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Well, What Do You Know?

Seems I've been lax in posting anything at all for a day or so. Been too busy reading, and staring out my windows at far too much snow. There's over a foot out there. And supposed to be more coming tomorrow. Going to wade in the river for a bit - don't want more snow.

Anyway - just loving my new icon - made for me by psubrat. Also, her latest chapter of Journey to Destiny.

metaforgirl posted her epilogue for Payless. Spike/Xander

cousinjean posted her last chapter for The Butterfly Effect, and then said she's likely to have two more sequels to it. Yay, cousinjean! Buffy/Spike

deannaz posted a new ficlet, as well... Balance. Angel/Spike/Lindsey

A bunch more to mention, but the brain cells aren't functioning right now, but I'll try and get to them tomorrow. Erm... make that later.

All in all, a good reading day for me. And now, time for bed. Almost an hour and a half earlier than I've been going lately. Which is good, 'cause that means it's usually 5 am. Which is NOT good. Eyes falling out of my head not good. Adieu, all.
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