November 30th, 2003

Spuffy Comic Kiss

What Is That Feeling???

Oh yeah... I think it's actually called HAPPINESS! I've got some... I feel it. Yes, I do. It's... disconcerting!

Anyway - today is my baby's 21st birthday - you remember him? The one who hasn't bothered to call me in months? The one I said I was thankful for ins SPITE of never hearing from him? Well... miracles do happen - the sweetling called me this morning - just to tell me he missed me. **sniffs** My woobie.

So happiness reigns in my household and heart... at least for a little while. Just wanted to share something good from me for a change.

willa_writes, I miss you! Come home!
nimuetucker, Hope you get everything packed... and that my little package arrived in one piece.
And you, my little tgray... I miss you most of all.

I'm feeling this intense urge to gather all of you up and hug you and squeeze you and kiss you and call you George.
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