November 16th, 2003

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Just Another Quiz

Gacked from dragonflymuse and nimuetucker

Elegant - You pride yourself on charm and are
always emphasising your femine attributes. You
like ice skating, ballet, gymnastics... any
activity seen as female. You have a good head
on your shoulders, but you are too easily
distracted by 'pretty' things.

What Faerie Personality Are You?
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Story that's caught my heart - The Protectress

What if Spike hadn't been friendless?
What if he hadn't been alone, isolated, rejected, mistrusted?
What if someone had had a spirit intuitive enough to see his heart, befriend him, recognize his efforts, care about him, and ultimately protect him during the times when he needed it most?

What if such a friendship had actually taken place between the episodes behind the scenes, inside the hearts of our beloved Spike and his friend during the last few seasons?

What if, through his long journey toward redemption,both before and after ensouling,someone had been there to love him, comfort him, hold him, help him?
What if, in his final moments, he weren't alone and unmourned, unloved?
What if, in his final moments, she, his friend, held his hand, and then opened her arms to him as he crossed over?

What if Spike, the Protector, had had a friend, a Protectress?
And what if Tara had been . . . The Protectress
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Spuffy Comic Kiss

Resolve Face On...

Willow has nothing on me - I WILL leave my computer and clean my house for a couple of hours. I will, honest. See me going? Really. Off I go... now. Yup. Not here anymore, 'cause I'm gone... cleaning.

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Spuffy Comic Kiss

I Give Up

Lost... that's what I am. I've spent the past 20 minutes trying to find the link/post that led me to hecatehatesthat's fic, Pirate's Swoop

It is AU, lighthearted Spuffy! I love it - I no longer care where I found the link - just that I did.

So I'm here, begging... hecatehatesthat for more of this delightful little piece. Do I get my wish, or has the piece been left adrift on the high seas??
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