November 15th, 2003

Spuffy Comic Kiss

And On That Note...

Gacked from cluegirl

Selkie. You are a fun loving, ocean going type of
person. The waves draw you in with their
hypnotic rythme, and you just can't resist the
siren's lul of the ocean. You are disapointed
in humans, and even your fae cousins for not
appreciating the ocean and all of it's wonders.
If only they could see there is more than what
meets the eye, that dreams live under the sea
as well...then maybe they would not scoff.....

What Type of Changeling Are You? (Now Including Pictures for Each Kith)
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That's about it for the nite, folks - see y'all tomorrow...erm... later.
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Spuffy Comic Kiss

Morning All!

Gacked from robintcj

Tell Me About Your Sex Life? by electronicoffee
Favorite Postionyou like giving anal
Secret Fetishheavy bondage [give]
Age of Lost Virginity18
Bedroom Talentyour hip grinding skills are legendary
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And to think... they were only off by one year. Hee! Good thing they didn't ask how long it's been since I last got laid. **sobs***
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