November 12th, 2003

Spuffy Comic Kiss


Gacked the palmreading thingie from psubrat

Your Life Line reveals that you are a very passionate person that possesses an imaginative and romantic nature.

Your Head Line reveals that you lack confidence, but have a sense of grievance. You carry a chip on your shoulder, but will vent this emotion through participating in political activities.

Your Heart Line reveals that you have a very masculine or physical nature. You tend to choose your partner based on his/her social status or financial earnings.

Your Fate Line reveals that you will have an early and independent start to your career, and will be successful in your life's work.

Your Sun Line reveals that your personal success and achievements will come from one of your original ideas or breakthroughs in technology.

You have a Fire hand. You are a person who is restless, outgoing, ambitious, confident and at times promiscuous. Your optimal career choices are to work as a lawyer, politician, entertainer, and an athlete in non-contact sports.
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Spuffy Comic Kiss

One Fic Rec Before I Hit The Hay!

Someone recced the fic BROWN PAPER PACKAGES by Alexandria. It's S/X and... well...the description is Xander learns a secret about Spike's past - Wackiness ensues
Sexually explicit content
Rated NC-17

It's a WIP, but there are 12 lovely chapters out there... and it doesn't leave off as a cliffhanger, for a change. Dunno when it was last updated. But I'm passing along the rec. Enjoy! I did. A lot.
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