October 30th, 2003

Spuffy Comic Kiss


Hello, my happy friend. You have high spirits and
know how to have a good time. When your friends
go out, most likely they invite you almost all
the time. You most likely will enjoy your
Halloween. Good for you. Keep up the
experiment. You probably light people's dark
days with your smiles and laughter. Although
you're good, doesn't mean you're an angel. You
can tend to have a scary and/or other type of
side to you. As long as you have fun, do your
scares this Halloween. Have a safe and happy
one, Joyous Pumpkin.

What Halloween Figure Are You? (Fun Quiz! MANY RESULTS!)
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Nothing much else to say - rather boring day for me - did some dishes, some cleaning, some reading, lit a few candles... you know... nothing.

Wishing everyone a nice, safe, sugary Happy Halloween.
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