October 10th, 2003

Spuffy Comic Kiss

A Much Better Result!

Wheeeee! Much, much better. Yankees won tonite, and the whole world seems brighter! Free day tomorrow, then on to Fenway Park on Saturday for a 4pm start. I'll tell ya, I feel so much better about going to Boston with at least 1 win under their belts.

You're Lola! The seductress, who manages to mend
her evil ways before the end. Boopboopidoop!

Which character from Damn Yankees are you most like?
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You're a Yankees fan!!! - Well... DUH!!!

Are you a Red Sox fan or a Yankees fan???
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You're a Yankee Fan. You have style, taste and your
life is always filled with excitement and you
know that you will be able to pick your post
season tickets in February! You are envied by
many in red clothes and misunderstood by some
in blue and orange clothing. Don't worry though
They're all just jealous of your AWESOME TEAM!

What Kind of New York Baseball Fan Are You?
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Mickey Mantle...you are very multi-talented...you
are admired and respected by your friends and
teammates...you live for the moment because you
know that tommorrow may not come.

Which Vintage Baseball Player are you?
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Okie dokie - I think that's enough baseball related quizzes for the nite.

Anyway - actually went out and met with a peer counselor today - been a while since I've left the house on my own, and it's time to start getting myself in gear and remembering there's a whole world outside... away from the computer. Yes, I know... sorta like heresy... but it's true.

Nuthin' else for the moment. Just happyish for a change.
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Spuffy Comic Kiss

Reading For Heat

Nothing much of a day here, for me... but if you want to read something very, very erm... warming... check out thebratqueen's Pet. **fans self** Nice piece of A/S/W.

Yankees had a day off - but tomorrow, at 4 pm, they begin again at Fenway Park. Go Yankees!

Oh, and is there anyone out there who would like to make me a prezzie of an icon all my own? If so - let me know, and I'll tell you all my kinks! **grins** Might do it anyway... but... come on and give me a reason.
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