October 8th, 2003

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Morning All!

Nicked from nimuetucker

Homer lying on couch
"Kids, you've tried your best and failed
miserably. The lesson is, never try." You
used to have a goal, a dream. But somewhere
along the way, you failed at acheiving this.
Now, you don't even try anymore. You've most
likely given up on things you once loved. While
this attitude can prevent failure from
occuring, it doesn't help you acheive your
dreams either. Realize that all dreams aren't
impossible, and that life is what you make of

Which Advice Quote said by Homer Simpson are You?
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Just wanted to remind anyone who glances this way that E!NewsLive has an interview from the set of AtS tonite, and supposedly some one-on-one time with James!

Busy telly nite for me - Yankees/Red Sox battle tonite, and since it's broadcast on Fox... that means Angel won't be broadcast until midnight... IF the game is over in a timely fashion. Long nite ahead for me... so might be a post heavy evening, after all.

BBL, I'm sure.
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