October 5th, 2003

Spuffy Comic Kiss

Suunday, Sunday

My dearly imparted must be doing the macarena in their graves... I've been watching Boston Red Sox baseball. **shivers** Of course, I'm only watching in hopes of seeing them lose, so it might not be too bad. Also, it's the only game on while waiting for the Yankees to play this afternoon, at 4. And yes, I am most interested in the outcome... want them eliminated from play ASAP. So... maybe the family will be restful, at that.

Need to spend some time away from the computer this afternoon - time to do some housecleaning, and cooking, bill paying and laundry... all the mundane and non-fun things a normal, mature, responsible adult should be doing. Guess we'll see if I can accomplish any of the aforementioned today. **sighs**
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