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Guilty Pleasures Drabbles For open_on_sunday 04/25/05 - #1-3

I preface this by mentioning these are the first words I've written since the middle of March. I post them with shaky nerves and hope they're not too god-awful. Be kind, please. They're all over the place.

This week's challenge is... Guilty Pleasures.

Cross posted to open_on_sunday and my regular journal.

Totally AU – Spike/Buffy

1. Traveling Salesman

He stops by the Summers’ Veterinary Clinic on his regular bi-weekly sales run, bringing the catalogues showing the latest in animal supplies his company offers. Strictly business, they tell themselves as they head for the car. Mutually beneficial.

Indeed, an hour and a half later, Buffy rests her head on Spike’s sweaty chest, both exhausted from a round of ‘here, kitty, kitty’ and ‘who’s got the bone?’

Quickly dressing, she shoots him a sultry look. “See you at home, baby. Can’t keep the other animals waiting.”

He smiles, tongue curling up behind his front teeth as he relishes the afterglow.

BtVS – Season 2 - Willow

2. Hard At Work

Willow sits in her room, busily tapping away on her computer. Her mother brings her a rare treat: a plateful of organic cookies, pleased to see her daughter’s work ethic functioning at top levels.

As the door closes, Willow unblocks her monitor, inordinately relieved that her mother didn’t peek over her shoulder to look at the screen. Her research pays off – she’s found the explanation and uses the word in her story.

Doogie parted Vinnie’s cheeks and leaned in, giving his best friend his first rim job.

Blushing to her roots, Willow types on, and thinks of Xander… and Oz.

BtVS – Season 4 – Joyce, Buffy

3. A Mother’s Concern

Joyce relaxes on the couch, carding her fingers through Buffy’s long, honey-blonde hair. It’s just the two of them tonight; phone off the hook so nobody can disturb them. Mr. Giles has promised to patrol in her stead, allowing her daughter the night off.

Yes, she’s accepted the fact that Buffy is the world’s Chosen One. Her only child risks her life on a nightly basis so the people of Sunnydale and the world rest easy in their beds.

A night off for Buffy is one night Joyce revels in knowing her own child is safe, to hell with the world.
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