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Betrayal Drabbles For open_on_sunday 03/13/05 - #1-3

Now, about Challenge #103... In honor of the Ides of March in a couple of days, I'm going with sunnyd_lite's suggestion of Betrayal. So drabble away!

Cross posted to open_on_sunday and my regular journal.

BtVS – Pre-series – William/Angelus, Drusilla

1. Destiny Shorn

William’s spirits are high as he enters the family’s dwelling. Memories of the carriage ride with Angelus and the newlyweds are fresh in his mind and he smiles as he hears the sounds of his Sire rutting in the bedroom.

“The little children didn’t come out to play. Did you miss me, pretty William?” Drusilla’s tinkling laughter rips out his heart as she lies there, giving up her favors to her Sire.

Angelus’ mocking words would hound him for the next hundred years: “I’m sure he did, Dru. After all, you’re his destiny.”

Some day he’ll make the bastard pay.

BtVS – Pre-Series – Spike/Angelus

2. Left Behind

Darla rages behind closed doors, throwing anything that’s breakable against the walls and trashing the furniture to splinters; a dangerous thing for a vampire to do. Drusilla sits in the middle of the hallway, kneeling like a novice, her head thrown back as she keens shrilly to the heavens for her lost daddy.

The bastard’s gone again – left without a word – at least to him and Dru. Darla’s screams can be heard from the other side of the house.

After two years, he’d only just returned. What would make Angelus leave so soon? Why was he left behind? William mourns.

BtVS – Season 2 – Spike/Angelus/Drusilla

3. Heart in Hand

Spike sits in his wheelchair, impotent rage roiling through his system as Angelus fastens the necklace’s clasp around Drusilla’s neck. It isn’t so much the proprietary attitude that bothers Spike – he’s her Sire, after all. No, what twists Spike with rage and a sense of utter betrayal is the way he’s just trivialized.

This Angelus is an anomaly. He’s not the vampire Spike looked up to when they ran together for the first twenty years of his unlife. This one would stake him in a non-existent heartbeat and never look back.

He closes his eyes, unable to watch any longer.

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