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Adornment Drabbles For slashthedrabble 03/10/05 - #1-6

Opening Challenge #16 - Adornment

This week we're playing with adornment. It could be dressing something up. It could be that little something extra. It could be the only thing someone's wearing or the cherry on the sundae (literally). This challenge covers hair-dos, jewellery, makeup, piercings, tattoos, wrapping yourself up in ribbon as a pressie... and much, much more besides.

Adornment - something that adds beauty, decorates, embellishes or trims.

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BtVS – Season 3 – Faith

1. Downtown Gown

She saunters through the dark downtown streets, showing off the dress Mayor Wilkins gave her. Just takin’ it for a test drive, mind you. It’s certainly not her style; she’d told him so when she opened the box… but it made him happy.

“Hey, schoolgirl. Wanna give us a tumble?” With a wink and a smile, one of Sunnydale’s working women stops her in her tracks. “I’ll make it good for you, sweet thing”

Faith refuses, and rushes home to strip the dress from her body. Even its innocent lines accentuate her inner-harlot. Clothes don’t make the woman after all.

AtS – AU Season 5 – Spike/Buffy/Angel

2. Wear My Love Like Heaven

Things are awkward between them since Spike’s return to physicality. The hostility is gone, but the tension remains. Today they’ll attempt to take it to the next level; longing glances and subtle scenting will give way to the bedroom, to try and rekindle what once was.

Set upon their bed like a glowing pearl, however, is the woman they both love, Mona Lisa smile in place and naked as the day she was born.

No words necessary, they take turns wearing each other like a second skin, interlocking and enhancing, until collapsing in a singular pile of glowing, sated flesh.

BtVS – Season 4 – Spike/Xander

3. Mr. Clean

“You’re the undead roommate from hell!” Xander yells, picking up another batch of soaking wet towels stained with the remains of whatever oogedy boogedy Spike’s slain this evening. The glower gets worse when he sees the bloodstained mugs and countertop in the kitchen.

“What’re ya bitchin’ at, git? Simple clean up with bleach and all’s white with your world. Better buy it by the gallon, the way you keep drawin’ demons.”

Not to mention it keeps Spike’s crowning glory pristine as the newly fallen snow, and he doesn’t have to shell out any of his own dosh to do so.

BtVS – Pre-Series – William/Angelus

4. Time Honored

William drains the last of his victims as the sun rises and has to hunker down for the duration. With nothing but time on his hands, he begins to explore his surroundings, too jazzed to settle down yet.

A glint of tarnished gold catches his eye as it peeks out of the old man’s waistcoat. Turning the pocket watch over, William notices the engraved “A” on the back, embellished with curlicues. Reminds him of Angelus’ gryphon tattoo.

The soft look in Angelus’ eyes is worth the slight singing incurred in rushing home to gift his Sire with the little treasure.

BtVS – Pre-Series – Darla/Drusilla

5. Mother of Pearl

Darla’s fingers nimbly comb through her grandchilde’s raven tresses. It’s been awhile since she’s taken the time to do so, herself, preferring to leave Drusilla’s toilette to William these days. The strands are thin and silky and flow like water down Dru’s pale back, and she thinks of taking the task over again.

Mother of pearl combs shine brightly against the darkness, holding the hair in place atop the younger vampiress’ head. They nearly match the glow of her complexion, adding that special something to her allure.

Heads will turn their way tonight… and necks shall bend at their desire.

BtVS – Season 5 – Tara/Willow

6. Honey Be Mine

What does one give the love of your life for Valentine’s Day? It’s a commercial holiday, true, but Tara’s feeling sappy nonetheless, and wants to show her Willow how she feels. Candy is impersonal… and unhealthy; so very far from original. Clothing they buy any time of the year. It’s too soon for rings and commitments.

She spots the perfect gift at a street fair. A little bumblebee pendent with pave stones in black and yellow bands. Tara adds a handmade card that reads Bee Mine, and gets a flutter in her belly when Willow’s face lights up with pleasure.

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