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Animal Drabbles For slashthedrabble 03/03/05 - #1-2

Challenge #15 - Animals

The challenge this time is 'animals'. Has someone found a kitten? Does someone remind their partner of a big ol' grizzly bear? Is someone as quiet as a mouse or as slippery as an eel? Fur, fins, feathers - whatever takes your fancy or turns your crank. Maybe someone is toiling away like a hamster on a wheel and needs to be whisked off somewhere for a little somethin' somethin'...

Just two lonesome little buggers this week. Will add to this post if the muse so wishes. Cross posted to slashthedrabble and my regular journal.

BtVS – Pre-Series – Angelus/William – dark and cruel


On William’s first solo hunt, he finds the beaten bodies of a nursing bitch and her puppies. The smell of blood draws him in, and the pathetic whimper of a survivor tugs at his heart. Slipping the shivering pup into his pocket as a present for Drusilla, he heads home.

Angelus swats the creature out of his hand, livid at his childe’s delight, and crushes it’s skull beneath his heavy boot.

“This is what happens when ye bring a mongrel home, Drusilla,” he glowers, grabbing William roughly by the scruff and throwing him to the floor besides the crushed body.

BtVS – Season 3 – Faith/Buffy

The Cat Who Came In From The Cold

Buffy kicks at the trash littering the street. She remembers her mother’s warning: ‘Be nice and invite that Faith girl to dinner.’ Exactly what she doesn’t want to do, but she promised.

She finds her in the alley behind the rundown motel, bent over a litter of scrawny kittens. “Eat up, babies,” Faith croons, offering a tin of cat food. “It’s Christmas, and nobody should be alone. ‘Cept me, I guess.”

Tough girl my ass, Buffy thinks, making her invitation more heartfelt than she’d anticipated. Maybe they’ll have time to pick up some more cat food before the store closes.

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