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Food Drabbles For slashthedrabble 02/25/05 - #4-6

Challenge #14 - Food

This week, the topic is "food". The eating of, the playing with, the sex games... *g* And then there's food for thought, food chain, food poisoning, food fight. Perhaps a certain someone looks good enough to eat?

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BtVS – Season 7 – Andrew/Xander

4. Funnel of Love

It’s not easy being a ‘guestage’ in the Slayer’s home. Along with a souled vampire. And Xander, of course. Can’t forget that big, strong, hunk of a man amongst all the chickadees in the roost.

Andrew diligently beats his funnel cake batter, but it’s just not going well. Either the batter is too thin or it’s lumpy. The oil is never hot or cool enough. And when it’s almost just right, his aim sucks when trying to pour the batter within the ring.

He has to stop looking at shirtless Xander fixing the window yet again and concentrate on frying.

BtVS – Season 5 – Post The Gift – Tara/Willow

5. Griddle Me This

Tara holds the bowl of pancake batter in her arms as she uses the whisk to break up the little powdery nuggets that stubbornly cling to the side. Dawnie will be down for breakfast in a few minutes, probably followed by Willow.

Buffy’s death and the passage of time have awakened the desire for something more out of life… possibly a family in the future. Hopefully a commitment. A place of their own. Adopted children. Something to dream about.

Smiling, Tara ladles the first of the funny shaped pancakes onto the griddle, and waits for the girls to come downstairs.

BtVS – Season 6 – Post Grave – Xander/Spike

6. When Buffalo Fly

Awkward times, Xander thinks, sitting in the Bronze alone on a Friday night. He picks at the food on his plate without giving it much thought, the basket of spicy buffalo wings huddled close to his chest. Force of habit, protecting his food from slim, pale, thieving fingers… that he refuses to think about.

He’s morbid alone. No more Anya to nuzzle or joke with, Buffy can’t look him in the eyes, Willow’s in England, de-powering or something. He almost misses the snark of…

Maybe buffalo wings weren’t a good idea after all. He should have ordered French fries, instead.

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